PizzaFaceGamer said:

Sadly civil discussions and rational thought are a rarity of feats in online discussion boards...

If you want to have more civil discussions, then I suggest you stop being so anti-Sony in all of your posts about the company. People will never take your opinion seriously if they have the knowledge that you are against Sony ALL THE TIME. If I people saw me always talking negatively about Burger King. They wouldn't care about my opinion about their burgers. People just don't care. That's how people feel about you.
When your entire history on a specific company consists of being negative to said company, then your opinion won't have much value to most people, thus no civil discussions. I don't know/understand why all of your posts about Sony are negative, but if you want to have some civil discussions with people, then I suggest you show that you have the ability to see the positive in Sony or at least try to be neutral.