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There is a big difference in this article that makes incomparable to the PS3 situation. If you read the article it says that the only competition Sony had at the time was the Sega Dreamcast which had a 6 months head start in hardware sales. The XBOX had yet to be released and was an unproven in the game market. The PSOne was still selling well at this point as well. Sega had just released two debacles earlier the Saturn and the 32X gamers lost Sega's trust. Not everyone jumped to by a Sega console. By the time the XBOX was released the PS2 game library was great since around the time of the XBOX was released, Sega announced that they would be discontinuing the Dreamcast. Sony being the only major company around (since the GameCube had yet to be released) reaped the benefits. The XBOX never had a shot therefore, Sony won by default.

In this generation the XBOX had a year head start but actually had an amazing second year that helped it out pace Sony in 2007. Then Nintendo just took off with a new controller scheme. Sony had nothing that caught gamers eyes and with a hefty price tag at $600 at launch gamers went to the Wii or XBOX 360 which had a year head start and better games.

Sony will rebound but it won't happen overnight. It will take Sony until early 2009 to make some noise. The delays must stop on the software end before Sony rights their ship.

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