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Blue3 said:
Shooters Ps3 - Killzone, Resistance, Socom 360 - Halo (Bio probably going multi while Gears3 is multi for sure) winner PS3 RpgsPs3 - FF13, FF13 Versus, White night story (rest is not all that) 360 - Mass effect, Fable (rest is not all that) winner PS3 Diversity of games from best RPGs to racers to action to adventure to kiddy games to party games PS3 has it all. winner PS3 Quality PS3 hardware is great no problems, 360 um the word is defective. Red ring of death anyone. Warranty done, $140 replecement. winner PS3 Online - live $50 a year, Sonys PSn and home Free. Life - Ms will kill their product in a second if they have a new one out like with the original xbox/360. Sony will support their old console even if the new one is out. Price PS3 - $600 360 - $480 + 50 a year for Live It simple to see that the PS3 is a much better choice.


Shooters: Gears of War and Halo are both sales, and review wise far better quality. Halo3 will most likely out-sell the 3 you named combined. Critically, Gears of War and the Halo series both have recieved scores above 93%. Resistance was given a 88 or 89% globally. Killzone 1 was somewhere in the high 70s, and Socom is great, but still, neither critically or sales-wise as good as the MS games.

 RPGs: Although FF12 renewed my hopes in actual good Final Fantasies, the series has been on a decline, expecially critically. I do believe Blue Dragon was reviewed far more favorably that most SE releases as of late. Sales wise, the FF series wins, but this is because we're talking about a 20 year old franchise vs. a few year old franchises.

How does the PS3 "have it all"? Every single game is now multi-platform for the 360, or very close to. MGS4 is going to be 360, GH2, DMC4, Last Remnant, GTAIV, every EA game, and quite a few other major titles from every studio is either ported to 360.

As for the quality comment, I can assume you don't own a 360. My 360 had 2,000 hours of play before it died. When it died, MS fixed it in litterally 1 day, free of charge. I doubt you'd get that kind of care with sony products.

 Also, why are you comparing a superior 360 version vs. an inferior PS3 version? Why not compare the $400 prem to the $600 PS3?

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.