TheSource said:

This is what I had as lifts - 100% Americas, 80% EMEAA, and 70% Japan once the data was in. There has been no cut in Japan, and the baseline was lower than I expected at the time of the cut, but the Western lifts weren't dramatically off - EMEAA was up 50% in two days, could be up a bit again next week.

That is the average over 4 weeks, not the first week.

You estimated a 10-15% drop per week in the first post of this thread.

For America that would be approx

Week 1: 139.6k
Week 2: 125.6k
Week 3: 113.1k
Week 4: 101.8k

Which is 480.1k.  That would put the week one boost at 132.7%

Week 1: 150.6k
Week 2: 128.0k
Week 3: 108.8k
Week 4: 92.5k

Which is 479.9k.  That would put the week one boost at 151%