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Blue3 said:
Shooters Ps3 - Killzone, Resistance, Socom 360 - Halo (Bio probably going multi while Gears3 is multi for sure) winner PS3 RpgsPs3 - FF13, FF13 Versus, White night story (rest is not all that) 360 - Mass effect, Fable (rest is not all that) winner PS3 Diversity of games from best RPGs to racers to action to adventure to kiddy games to party games PS3 has it all. winner PS3 Quality PS3 hardware is great no problems, 360 um the word is defective. Red ring of death anyone. Warranty done, $140 replecement. winner PS3 Online - live $50 a year, Sonys PSn and home Free. Life - Ms will kill their product in a second if they have a new one out like with the original xbox/360. Sony will support their old console even if the new one is out. Price PS3 - $600 360 - $480 + 50 a year for Live It simple to see that the PS3 is a much better choice.

I have to disagree with a few things. Killzone, Risistance, & Socom put together are not going to outsell Halo. Killzone has historically been kind of... crappy and as far as I know, no one really considers it a AAA title. For RPG's , FF will obviously outsell most RPGs so *if it is exclusive to Sony, then Sony will win out on that front. Realistically however, I have to lean towards the XBox for RPGs at this time as well. It has excellent RPG's already and there is no guarantee that FF will not be ported. I think it will all boil down to whether or not they can make enough money from it. Hell it wouldnt surprise me to see a Wii port. The claim that it is impossible is rubbish any programmer can tell you that. Just lower the quality of the FMV and textures and you will be fine. Hell I dont see how 9gigs are even used for that game to begin with. There are games on the PC that are 10X as complex with even better graphics and they dont come out to anywhere near 9gigs (see MMORPGs).

As for online... most people dont even use it so the point is kind of moot. If you want online however, the best choice is and will always be the PC and not a console. The only games that really do well online for consoles are shooters so in that sense, you will follow your favorite game rather than the price of being online. I dont like the $50 a year thing but it is affordable for most and the fanatic shooter fans will pay whatever to have it.

I do agree that the 360 has unacceptable failure rates. In fact they should be sued for it and they should replace every single 1st generation 360 for a new version once the issue has been fixed. The failure rates on 360s is much higher than the 6% they want us to believe. It is probably around 50% but ill take the safe side and say its between 10% & 20% for now just so I dont get flamed too much (since I really dont care).