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Interesting news. I am actually about to buy my copy, this game was actually worth the $50, which actually surprised me.

It costs 50$ for you guys? Ouch.

In Poland you get the premium edition for 30$ and the collectors edition for 53$.

God bless CD Projekt ;)

think that's bad in NZ it's US$70 retail and that is discounted....

Yep If you go on sites like Direct to Drive and Steam Australia and New Zealand are the only countries that suffer forced markups because of retailers in the country. Really i would say F the retailers and they shouldn't be jacking up the price anyways, and if its an distributor then F them as well and sell direct to retailer. 

This has sites like GOG who are own by CD Projekt to offer 26 dollars free GOG dollars when you buy Witcher 2 which is means that CD Projekt really cares about us here in AUS/NZ that despite the australian industry worst 2 billion USD we pay more than many european nations with far less market size. 

Actually there were quite a bit of internet articals in Pland where CD Projekt was visibly pissed at the Australian market. From what i remember the issue was that the whole retail chain of multimedia in Australia didn't agree to the low prices that CD Projekt came out with.

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