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Mr Puggsly said:
awesomeX10 said:
Exclusive content from rockstar on LA, exclusive rockstar game that counts as more support and rockstar is not a japanese company, and theres a multitude of psn games that are third party and ps3 exclusive coming this year not to mention exclusive character in mortal combat for ps3 and valve backing ps3 over 360 it's pretty obvious that ps3 is gaining third party support over 360 and not just from japan, Sony lost alot in the beginning, why because of lack of good games namely exclusives, now that they have them the support is coming back and which developers are you talking about rockstar? Oh wait I used them as one of my examples specifics please specifics


MS bought exclusive content and advertising for several games. You think its a big deal because Sony did the same for a few titles? Its called competition. Sony also seems to have a relationship with WB so you can expect their PS3 ports to often have some exclusives.

Clearly Valve is making an effort to get in PS3 fans good graces after all the crap they said before. Valve isn't back PS3 over MS. MS simply doesn't want their Steam software and Valve already knows 360 is a better vehicle for moving their games.

Sony lost a lot of support because their console was too expensive, they weren't selling many units, and developers wanted the 360 audience. It had nothing to do with PS3's lack of exclusives, it was lack of audience due to price.

Course I don't think it's a big deal it's still more 3rd party support, and the fact that third parties stopped talking deals from MS (with exception of modernwarefare) is more telling then the deals Sony has gotten, lack of games made the price not worth it, if they had Uncharted and Infamous at launch the console would have done significantly better, course nothing beats a lower price when it comes to consumers