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reverie said:
John, That's what I called hyperbole and vilification. Nintendo is stating "sold to retail" as "sold", Microsoft is stating "sold to retail" as "sold", Sony is stating "sold to retail" as "sold" and "left the factory" as "shipped". Nobody is announcing "sold to consumers" except NPD et al, there is no difference in the definition of "sold" between the big 3 and there is specifically no obfuscation in Sony's reporting as they explain what their different numbers refer to.

If they'd just say sell-in I'd be satisfied. I've learned a lesson here. I thought by law it was required to be direct on financial statements but I know the reality now. Hyperbole has no place when you're playing with my money as an investor. From now on I'll just ignore those BS financial statements and listen to the rickshaw estimation services we have available. A damn shame the real data is not tracked.

Like always the man at the base is disrespected in a capitalistic society. I shouldn't have been surprised.

John Lucas 

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot