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Can I browse or search the topics that already exist?

No, because they're all private by default (see the question above). It's up to each topic creator to publicize the topic by sending email or linking it from their website (we give you instructions about this when you create a topic). We're thinking about adding the ability for topic creators to publicize their topics here in a topic index. Please let us know if this would be useful for you."


Okay so they are private by default, use your character's name when posting

19:44:34 Skeezer METAL GEAR ONLINE
19:44:36 Skeezer FAILURE
19:44:51 ABadClown You're right!
19:44:55 ABadClown Hur hur hur
19:45:01 Skeezer i meant
19:45:04 Skeezer YOU ARE A FAILKURE
19:45:08 Skeezer FAILURE*