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superchunk said: kber81 said:You are funny little being who treats every failure of PS brand as personal success This coming from a person with the a picture a psp in your sig. I think it is pretty obvious i am a N fanboy. I don't see how being a fan of a particular product line is a bad thing. I like and have purchased a 360, I like and have played Resistance and other PS exclusives. I just think N is an overall better video game company. When NES and SNES ruled the world games were just more fun and less expensive than when Sony took over. I will tell you something about prices. Your beloved Nintendo rips off a lot of cash for a crap like Wii, Sony on the contrary gives best stuff below costs of production. If you can't get what you like, you like what you have. No rip off. Nintendo stays on par with previous systems. I get a great game experience for a reasonable cost. I do not buy a game system to watch movies or play music or other none game crap. PS trys to force all of their other divisions down your throat in one over hyped paper wieght. If they took of bluray and hdmi, they would have a more viable game system. My comment of VF5 was due to others that keep saying 'oh wait for the good exclusives like VF5...' etc, etc. Well, it's done so well hasn't it.
just one word...........VF 5 was never featured in the FAMITSU list of top 10. whereas MUSOU is now at 5 (last week)................this week sees it at no1 / 2 x360 is the least seliing console in JAPAN with just 4k