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superchunk said: Diomedes1976 said: It must be in your fantasy world in Europe with the Snes and N64 we paid much more for the games that with the PS1 ,PS2 and even PS3 .And games were fun because you were younger ,look back to those days and you will see tons of utter crap software .Oh yes ,you can always find good games ,just as in each and every generation by the way .Plus those decisions of Nintendo of not bringing some games to Occident ,plus the Seal of Quality or hidden censure more like ,plus their illegall exclusivity contracts with third parties that estipulated that if they developed for the Nes or Super Nes they couldnt do it for any other console .Your memory fails you ,fanboy . By the way you may think you have a great gaming experience with the Wii ....but I have Zelda on the Cube and playing Wii Sports and crap ports of Splinter Cell ,Far Cry and some garbage as Happy Feet ,Cars ,Avatar ,Barnyard and such isnt my cup of tea.The better games of the Wii as Excite Truk ,Wario Smooth Moves ,Sonic and Rayman are games of 7 or 8 at best .Thats not my impression of a "great " experience . Nintendo is filling their pockets with Wiis and DS as they are selling you a obsolete hardware for a "reasonable " price .Sony is losing money on each console .I as a consumer know very well what to buy then ,I am here to receive value not to generate value for Nintendo or Sony ....the later is the mentality of the fanboy . If it wasn't for Nintendo's seal of quality, the game industry would have fallen out. Everything you buy has money it in for someone else, you can't expect to purchase anything and not have the producer,retailer,marketer, etc make some money off of it. Nintendo's philosophy is just better. Make good games. That's it. When NES and SNES ruled, games were $40 max. Now at least $50. As far as PS games being cheaper in EU, ???, sony is a big company, maybe they have better distributers over there, so costs are lower. After 20 years Nintendo's portable games are basically the same price $20-30 and the home games have jump up by $10. Whereas Sony has taken prices to $60-$70 and increased the price of a game console every year. NES,SNES,N64,GC -- $200, Wii - $250. (only because they wanted to make a profit, wow is that too much for a business to do?) A profit of what $25 per console. PS1 - $200, PS2 - $300, PS3 - $600, what's next? PS4 - $1200. BS. Sony is trying to do the same thing that cars have done. THey are the rip off artists. The only thing Nintendo is currently asking too much for is VC games. But, hey Sega and TG16 are asking for more. They all should be dropped by $2 atleast. Yes, nintendo forced 3rd parties into contracts and that was what helped Sony. Now, Sony's got the big head and has created something that is ultra expensive for us and devs. Whereas Nintendo is trying to keep the costs for everyone down by not jumping into a toddler HD world. Yes it is a great experience, why? Zelda is better on wii controls, rayman, madden controls better, vc games that CANNOT be played else where, wii sports/play, among a few others. Plus I didn't have to take a 2nd mortgage to buy the damn thing. I spent less than $400 on my Wii so far. That doesn't even get you the 20G PS3. I have had two wii parties. 1st was with my friend who has the 360 and a ps3. He is really dissapointed in the PS3 because the only game out that is decent is Resistance. The other ports he would rather play on his 360 due to online etc. He has said for day one that the wii didn't interest him due to the lack of graphics, blah blah. He is now trying to find a wii. The second only had a reg xbox, but same result. When he can find one in a store he will buy it. Both are like me with young families, 1st is in my same earnings bracket 100k+, where the other is doin' just find at 60k+. PS3 is like a corvette. Expensive, Pretty, and powerful. But, I and millions of other users, i.e. the mass market, will buy the camry for a third of the cost.
VC games have been playable for at least 10 years in PC trough emulators .For free .And in the PSP ,for free . Zelda is better on the Cube