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sieanr said: I like how Diomedes1976 acts like SNES/NES are the only systems to have lots of crappy games. Because, you know, PS has never been about shit 3rd party and kiddie games, right? And it's certainly never had massive amounts of crappy Gundam games sell out, right? I know I only buy hardware that offers me the maximum vaule, not the most fun., because fun has nothing to do with a consoles value. Hardware is the only fun thing in videogames.
I am not saying that .What I am saying is that back in the "good-old-days " there was as much crap or even more than in the PS days .An much more repetitive ....plattformers 2d ,beat-themup 2d ,fighting games 1 on 1 ,sports ,arcade and little more .At least from the PS1 on there was more variety in the genres (survival horror ,fighting 3d ,fighting 2d ,plattforms 3d ,platfforms 2d ,strategy ,etc ) .