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pinata said:Awesome!! I just about remember those
It wasn't really anything special, just a pong console with four built-in variations that didn't exactly play like the sports they were supposed to be. I didn't care though, it was fun to be able to make the dots on the screen move. I was probably either four or five at the time, I don't precisely remember the year. It must have been one of Magnavox's last consoles. Looking back, the 2600 VCS was quite an impressive leap beyond the pong generation. It had cartridges, programmable sprites, backgrounds, and color that didn't require screen overlays - and it could color cycle. It also had joysticks which were detachable through a DB-9 style interface like the Genesis, allowing you to use paddles as well. Two to a controller port. Has anyone here ever played four player Warlords on the 2600? I remember quite a few intense games of that game. (Perhaps more importantly, am I turning into a fossil?)