This is a great article... RANKS THE GRAPHICS DEAD ON (Killzone 3/Uncharted 2 could be flopped in some viewers eyes..)

Oh and I hope this was excluding sports MLB 10 THE SHOW is so freakin realistic its almost wierd, countless times people have walked in asking me if the Indians game was on lol.


Cant wait for Uncharted 3... Naughty Dog is all set up for the kill this holiday season... Now its all about executing..

I'm sure we all have some kind of idea of the graphics in Uncharted 3, but somehow I have a feeling we have no idea what we are truly about to see.

“Absolutely, we can do much more with it. I don’t know if we are even close to 50 percent of PlayStation 3’s power at this point,” said Asmussen about God of War 3.