People really have to go back and play Gears of War 2, I love the game, but come on, most of the multi-platform games from 2008 and up have easily surpassed it. It wasn't a huge step up from Gears of War 1, which was a great looking game in 2006, but not so much in 2008, especially when it's stacked up against MGS4, Dead Space, Uncharted and Killzone 2, which was only released a few months later. I added it to my list just so it wouldn't be so slanted, but I could easily find 10 more games that look better or as good as it and they would have all been released within a year of it.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.