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Let's throw a few comparative data sets together to discuss a few areas that would quantify actual poverty. Lets not use incomes, because PPP can vary from nation to nation. Rather, look at what the money buys via frequency of ownership of various goods, as well as frequency of metrics that would indicate lack of access to critical, life-sustaining things like food, water, shelter, ect.

I'll try to dig up some data to present shortly.

Look under tab I-2 of this document


It's basically what you're looking for.

No it's not.

I2 is relative poverty.  What Stickball is talking about is Absolute poverty.

3 out of the 4 metrics are absolute poverty. The percentage who live to 60, percentage literacy and long term unemployment are all absolute. Only the 1/2 median income is relative.

None of those are nessisairly poverty based though.  Life expectancy for exampe is MUCH more heavily influenced by culture then actual medicine when you get to somewhat similiar situations.




Literacy, CAN be related, but isn't nessisairly so....


Long Term Unemployment is close... but it ignores short term unemployment... which could still cause some abject povery if it's through very short bursts of working.