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rocketpig said:
Parokki said:
Even if it does get delayed, I'm not overly worried since we in Europe are getting this late as fuck anyway. -_-

Tell me: how does it feel to constantly be eating the Nintendo table scraps from North America and Japan?

I'd be furious if I was a Nintendo owner in Europe. I looked at some of the release dates for upcoming games/recently released games and it's literally months late in some cases.


It's not very nice at all. Literally months? Trauma Center was 10 months late, Elebits 6 months, Super Paper Mario 5 months, Metroid Prime 3 and Zack&Wiki both 3 months...

The really annoying bit is how Sony and Microsoft generally have much, much smaller delays, and how Nintendo still gets some titles on time. We got Super Mario Galaxy and Umbrella Chronicles only two weeks after the Yanks, and Mario Strikers Charged actually got here a month earlier. Of course, everything else pales in comparison to the prospect of getting Brawl several months after the rest of the world. 

We're a bigger market for gaming than Japan is nowadays, and it's about bloody time Nintendo figures it out as well. >_<