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bannedagain said:

People are going to do it anyway. Anon is going after the Kock brothers. Corruption in banking, scientology. these people all deserve it. If this goes through they then can move on to push more of there agenda. If you read that article, people can't even report flaws of the product without getting sued.  do what MS does. Ban the system, seems to be working. People are still buying games and if you want to go that route. Why don't you just shut down every single gamestop. It's basically reselling there information. People are always going to mod systems and the best thing you can do is just ban it from online. Since thats where it is illegal. On your system it is not.  Sony getting everyone's information, no matter how much it means is against the law and someone has been payoff to get those.

I'm all for the developer getting the money, I pay for all my games and have over 70 games. So i hear you there. I just don't like them stepping all over our rights to do it. Make the system more mod proof. Charge for online. Maybe sony should start charging rather then going after everyone to make up there loses. what a joke. If they just ban the system, many people will go out and buy  a new system. However xbox has been modable the whole time and hasn't stopped them from outselling ps3 in software. So there is no clear cut picture here. the problem is the games are to expensive to make and stores like gamestop play the biggest role. They actually play the whole role. In the mist of gaming, modding is the last thing bringing down systems besides the computer industry. It's gamestop and I wouldn't even say it's the hacking on computers, it's the point its on a computer and most people are accustom to a tv/ system setup. Thats the way I like it and so do many others.

I actully agree with what you said. this is a diverse issue with many different sides, so imo its not just a question of right or wrong. but i do understand what Anon and Geohotz are supporting, which is their user rights. but i dont agree with distribution of that information or perhaps the way Geohotz went about it.