LOL, Format wars.

I can see what they mean, but in the end it's winning a losing war. Both are being pushed to early which can eventually kill them. DVDs were made and were never really pushed. Higher income households could afford them, but most couldn't and many wanted to stay with reliable VHS. Over time, more people got them. Slowly, it caught on, and movie makers wanted to make more DVDs. The PS2 really helped in sparking the flame. It was really seen as a 2 in one deal, and was cheaper then an actual DVD player.

Blu ray was kind of killed by Sony pushing it heavly. With Movie maker now wanting more money, they are reluctant to continue Blu-Ray, and rather then pick it up as they go, will drop it now and leave it. HD-DVDs have had little push at all, and even the 360 doesn't push it that much.