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selnor said:
AussieGecko said:

couldnt that and the uncharted bridge both be set sequences, I want to know if you shoot it in the propelor if it falls another way

What I menat was Uncharted 2 regularly takes all player control away when big stuff happens. The zip line. The bridge collapsing. Etc etc. Uncharted 2 is full of moments where player has no control sometimes for only 4 secs. But enough to stop any running issues or physics issues cropping up.

It's called prerendered help. It seems seemless, but is far less taxing on a system and therefore not nearly as technically impressive.

Oh wow its hopeless.

You can't think that cryengine is scripted, but oh my oh, Uncharted 2 is definitely scripted.

At the end of the day, the final product is more important. If devs tomorrow found out a way to make games with graphics of CGI-quality, all pre-rendered but you can control them, then it will look better then crysis 2 and that's it, really. If you didn't notice the gameplay resumes straight away after nathan drake falls onto a bridge after being attacked by a helicopter.

That is scripted, and so is the scene in Crysis 2.

You are acting like crysis 2 is using the 360's power so much, yet it runs sub HD and has lol AA that is worth laughing at. Do you find anyone nitpicking that? No, because the end product is what matters, and in this case the end product could have been made even better if it had used MLAA on the PS3, and if it was HD.

How many enemies are on the screen? One two three LOL.

Go play killzone 2 where there are enemies flying all over the screen. In MP there are 32 people playing and the game looks better then crysis 2 MP, how amazing is that? Oops no, sorry, forgot it was not on the 360.

No heavy character models either. No beautiful environments. It still plays like a corridor shooter, almost as narrow as killzone 2. Yeah there are some places which look open, but if you look closely its very comparable to killzone 2.

And there's texture pop-in as well. Oh the technologies.

Get over the fact that some people have other games as the best looking. I seriously doubt Crysis 2 is running at 30 fps with no screen tearing, but even if it does it still doesn't match Uncharted 2 which is perfect. 30 fps, no screen tearing and 2x MSAA.