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Legend11 said:

Who would have thought that the best looking console game would be a multiplatform... 

It just goes to show you how much locked potential the 360 must have. 

Microsoft needs to stop worrying about future backwards compatibility and allow developers to program to the metal instead of allowing DirectX to hold back the system.

That goes to show how 3rd party developers are learning or learned how to code better to really put the Xbox 360's hardware's power to shine and sad say better than Microsoft and EPIC games with its outdated Unreal Engine 3..

I notice a patern here with me, the games that are not built with the Unreal Engine 3 are the ones that I play most and most excited about.  Huh.. -I'll let Epic slide and give some credit to them, as the only ones how to max thier own engine..  I know, its obvious..

But games like, Crysis 2, Brink and RAGE has or will raise the graphic bar to new dizzy heights ... 

We can safely say now, this Next-Gen console has started, it roughly took 5,6 years but it started.

My Trigger Happy Sixaxis controller