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mantlepiecek said:
Slimebeast said:
mantlepiecek said:

That's BS. Uncharted 2's building level looks a lot more impressive. This is just a helicopter breaking into a building, in Ucnharted 2 the building itself breaks. And full gameplay as well. Happens in real time while you are shooting stuff. And ironically happens because of a helicopter.

lol they're not rendering a whole building falling apart in that scene. You only see one floor, you don't have any idea how much from the rest of the building is being rendered (probably not much).

For comparison here is the Uncharted collapsing building scene:

Yeah but that's pretty much the point of set pieces.

Uncharted 2 helicopter set pieces are a lot better than Crysis 2's video.

I hate to say this, but your trying to compare scenes which are not all controlled gameplay environments with an engine ( CryEngine 3 ) that is entirely no smoke and mirrors. In other words COMPLETELY realtime.

Another example of realtime ownage is this.