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mantlepiecek said:
selnor said:
yo_john117 said:
Nsanity said:

DAMN thats impressive!!!

There isnt any possibility anyone can show me anything like that from full gameplay footage on a console. Thats just bloody amazing.

Noone can say with a straight face, that this game isnt the most technically advanced console game.

That's BS. Uncharted 2's building level looks a lot more impressive. This is just a helicopter breaking into a building, in Ucnharted 2 the building itself breaks. And full gameplay as well. Happens in real time while you are shooting stuff. And ironically happens because of a helicopter.

I know exactly what your on about. And Uncharted 2's was not even close. A wall comes in during gameplay and some furniture flies about. Thats it. Then it goes into a cutscene when the actual building collapses. It's not even technically close. Here I'll show everyone who doesnt know whats being referred to. Now they are side by side.