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selnor said:
goforgold said:
selnor said:
Nsanity said:

4 minutes onwards.

It's just not possible. Seriously. WTF. It is just not possible.

Have they added a 2nd GPU on the disc? An extra 256 Mb of Ram?

That is absolutely amazing.

you need to play more games dude

I have played all the top games on the the 2 HD twins and the wii. No game does everything you see there in realtime all at once. ( PC not included ).

At points you can count more than 25 light sources. Also that room that you fight in with all the gunfire which adds even more additional lightsources, as well as the concrete breaking up. And on top of that the scale. That building going down in realtime engine is crazy. Just crazy.

Ive been impressed. But PC devs like Crytek are not happy with confined areas,l small rooms and some half baked pre rendered backdrops.

What I just saw for consoles at least is brilliant. Pure brilliant.

And to think that reviewers are saying it is by far and away the best 3D glasses game to. Crytek have done it in the console world. Not just the PC world.

Still I'd love to see the newly announced Extreme Graphics mode on PC.

I would seriously turn the brightness up.

and no doubt the game looks stunning, but I've been just as impressed with killzone 2