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selnor said:
mantlepiecek said:

Yeah, seen it. 5 min, 1 min, not that much of a difference since he isn't shooting anything.

Killzone 2 has a similar scene which looks around the same or even better with sev starting with looking in the mirror and then moving in the ISA headquarters.

Lets see gameplay and then I will agree it looks great and is comparable to Killzone 3. The credits is what was used for trailers as well.

Considering this footage looks the exact same as the ones I showed before and people dismissed saying it was PC because it was to good. I am pretty damn sure, when the guy puts the next one up, peoples jaws will hit floors ( as CVG said when they first saw Crysis 2 single player on 360 Before last E3 ).

How does this footage look exactly the same when this footage rarely has any gameplay? Its like the beginning  of bioshock that's all.

Anyway not long now, they guy will upload the second part so all we have to do is wait and see.