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mancandy said:
reverie, I don't have to wait until the next quarter to know, I know now that consumer sales are slow. Sales have been dropping week after week with no sign of going up. So what if shelves are full? They are full of other products as well. How is that a feat? The real feat is having to restock those shelves week after week. I would want to know the exact user base of the system so I know the potential sales of software, the only source of income for the PS3 right now. There is no real convincing argument that the PS3 is going to start selling soon. All I hear is wait. Wait for Gundam, wait for Virtua Fighter 5, wait for Motorstorm, wait for Hot Shots Golf, wait for Home, wait for MG4 (delayed), wait for FFXIII (delayed), wait for next quarter. Smart investors want concrete evidence that it will start to sell, not just wait. I say "smart investors" since there are some investors that will buy into all the "wait" agrument.

AH someone understands! Sold to retailers without context to sold to customers is a worthless stat because it's not a true sign of success. Channel stuffing happens because they overship product to fool investors that project is going well. And the lies get printed in the media to fool both investors and customers.

It is NOT a feat to say "I packed those stores full of stock" if no one is buying said stock. That's dishonest if one tries to separate the context like that.

Everyone should know these numbers and they CAN be tracked. IRS counts every last dollar you make. Sales trackers can easily track sales if they really wanted to. I don't buy that argument for a minute.

That's right, mancandy. The difference between an investor and a SMART investor. You understand EXACTLY what I'm saying. And the sad thing is people accept corps' cock and bull practices without question.

ALWAYS question, my friend. ESPECIALLY with THEM.

John Lucas 

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