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Keep in mind according to Sega they had shipped roughly 30-million DreamCast's by the time they discontinued it. Well in all reality the DreamCast only sold 10-million units when it was discontinued for North America it is rumoured that it went on to sell another  million in the Japanese market since where it was only discontinued officially last year.

 So that being said Sega did better the Sony is, keep in mind DreamCast sold over 10-million units launch year didn't it. I remember it broke records all over and then the PS2 crushed it the following year. DreamCast had a 3-year lifespan starting in 99-01. During which time over 10-million hardware units were sold and according to Sega over tripple the amount of sold was officially shipped and sitting in the backs of stores. That was said in Sega's official Magazines final issue.

So DreamCast lasted 3-years and sold 10-million shipping about 40-million because three times 10x3 - million units. So then look at Sony's 3-million PS3's sold so far in half a year and times by 6 ad we get 18-million units sold. In other words PS3 is DreamCasting. 

 I mean PS3 is weaker out of the gate the DreamCast was and it looks like its not getting any stronger!So if PS3 is doing worse then DreamCast was at this point in its lifespan that should signal something to you! DreamCast was actually a better selling console then PS3 is currently!


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