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Chairman-Mao said:
ManusJustus said:
Chairman-Mao said:

Christianity. I'm going to leave it at that and not get into a discussion over beliefs. This site is way to dominated by atheists to have a decent religious topic. 

We are building a Creationist theme park in Kentucky.  Maybe you could meet some people there who share your beliefs, while you ride the Jonah Fish Submarine or Noah's Log Flume.

Serioulsy though, I grew up in a very religious family with preacher grandparents, so I know a lot about religion.  Thats why I'm an atheist.

LMAO Noah's Log Flume sounds fun! 

I don't mind atheists like yourself, because being born into a Christian family you must know a fair bit about Christianity, the bible, etc and actually made your own educated decision to become atheist. Most atheists (generalization) are just idiots who cherry pick bible quotes that make Christianity sound bad without knowing their context or meaning and those are the types of idiots who I don't even bother arguing with. 

Edit: Oh and I'm Protestant, not Catholic. Most people probably don't realize there is a huge difference between the two even though they're both under the umbrella of Christianity. 

Yes, for example Protestants stopped hunting "witches" AFTER Catholics. And they killed more of them despite starting a lot later.

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