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I used to be an atheist (perhaps I was just angry), now I believe perhaps there is a higher power... I'm just a person though, how can I know of something so complex? My idea of a God is pantheist. No gender, no body, just a spirit that is present in everything, and the universe itself.

I like Buddhism, but you can be non theist and practise it, so I'm not so sure I'd call it a religion. It is very good for morals and spirit. Lets you reflect on your life and meditation is exellent for mental health. I always feel less anxious after it.

Islam... It isn't as bad as most people think it is. Quran only makes a lot of sense to me. I keep going back to Islam, reading more about it, and about Muslims. I'm not sure if I'm appealed to it or if it's just fascination.

For now, I'm pretty much without a religion. I've been confused for a while now, after researching about religions.