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FishyJoe said:
The male 18-25 market is huge, the problem is that Sony and MS are waged in battle over that audience while ignoring the rest. So Nintendo just has be respectable in that category and they have free reign over the rest of the population. What amazes me is the neither Sony nor MS put any real effort into expanding the market. It's like they had tunnel vision.

I doubt its tunnel vision, Joe, although I'll admit that Nintendo has been particularly innovative during its time in the Video Game market. Instead, it's a matter of risk, I think. If someone were to go to a Sony or Microsoft exec and say: "would you like to capture the 25+ market?" They would, to a man, say: "Why, yes I would." The problem is that there's a lot of risk involved in trying ot capture it. Just look at the Wii -- no one is denying that it's doing well now, but nobody was so sure 12 months ago. This could have literally been then end of Nintendo. No joke: this could have made them go out of business entirely. So while I'd agree that Nintendo has (once again) innovated and succeeded at it, I'd point out that there are risks involved with such innovation. I'd like to see how many risks you're willing to take when there are literally billions of dollars on the line. It's not easy :p">">