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Machina said:
patapon said:
Machina said:

I realllllllly wish I could play Patapon but I just damn well suck at it and got stuck really early on in the first game. Such a shame 'cos Patapon 3 looks amazing. Oh what I'd give for an easy mode...

Patapon 2 had an easy mode and so will 3!!! BUY BUY BUY PLEASE!!! :(

:O I had no idea! What are the differences in easy mode and is it truly easy? My main issue was maintaining Fever. I could get to it, but as soon as I was in it I would lose it, no matter how precisely I thought I was in rhythm. Sometimes I could keep it going for say 10 seconds or so, but I would always fail out quite quickly. Does easy mode give you more leeway when it comes to keeping in rhythm?

I'm sorry for the delayed response! I didn't see you on my 'side-bar-lights-up-orange' thing!

Easy mode is easy. For example, in Patapon 2 I was able to not only be in fever mode 100% of the time but also hit a perfect combination for hero mode 100% aswell. (this is when you get the special mega hero ability u know?)

My stats for normal are 100% fever, 60% - 70% hero

My stats for hard are over 9 inches My stats for hard are fever 70% - 80% and hero 30% - 50% depending on my mood!

I'd say the biggest difference between modes is how forgiven input times are. Easy mode I perfect everything with ease. It is VERY forgiving IMO and if you have any difficulty with maintaining fever mode and/or obtaining hero mode, easy will be the right choice.

For the past few weeks I've been playing the 100-hour Japaneses demo (only on the JP psn but screw that! I don't care if I can't read Japanese!!!) And it feels very easy. I don't know if the default for the demo is easy? Or if the difficulty bar in general has been decreased? But 'rythimicmy challenged' individuals I think won't have many problems ;)

I hope I have been of assistance to you and please, buy me!!! <:{D