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You make a good point there Bod (do you mind if i call you Bod?), but i think this attitude was expected by nintendo any way. The thing is, most of the industry have had opinions like this about nintendo for the last 15 years. And why not, sony would give money to these companies to make exclusives so would microsoft, its clear nintendo do not operate in this way.

heres a quote from an interview ign had with Iwata in july 2005

'Finally, Iwata spoke on the Revolution's unique interface and if it would alienate third-party developers.

"Well, of course, the idea is that the Revolution will sell and sell and sell so it becomes the standard in the industry," Iwata mused. "However, at least for the launch period, we designed the controller so it can play any of the different conventional styles. After all, we are talking about it playing games from our past machines (i.e. the virtual console). So don't worry.", http://uk.cube.ign.com/articles/636/636350p1.html

(Now here's my Theory)

And should Wiimote and obviously the Wii become the standard, which is looking like it will, Nintendo will be the top dog, of this industry again! That obviously scares a lot of these third parties, they don't want any company, especially Nintendo having such dominance. The truth is the way the HD consoles are looking, they don't seem to be able to sustain the markets they are in , with the exception from a few games, too mutch money is being lost, a lot of games are just clones and hybrids of previos games. It seems like its the turn of the smaller publishers and devlopers to come in and usher a new age.

 And thats exactly whats going to happen, publisher who are big today can very possibly die tomorrow, and smaller publishers today could be tomorrows juggernauts. Some bigger companies will still remain, but at that point they will have no choice but to depend on Nintendo's platform. It practacally happened to the DS (EA don't even make PSP games anymore).

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