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Ail said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:

Weapons can be used to commit crimes and weapons manufacturers perfectly know it and everybody knows it.


  • Weapons should be banned
  • Weapons manufacturers should be condemned as accomplices of countless crimes

  • The sale of weapons to the public is actually heavilly controlled if not forbidden in most the Western world.

    There is only one main country still clinging to this idea that minute men have to be ready to grab their guns from the closet and form militia to defend the country in case of attack..

    Weapons makers are not condemned because goverments have use for them to provide their army..( same reason it isn't ok to have a nuclear bomb in your backyard but it's ok for the US government to have thousands of them).

    Actually weapons are a lot more misused than jailbreaks, in fact, so neither jailbreaks nor GeoHot should be blamed, but just the pirates. It would be good that the judges absolve GeoHot and jailbreaks, as they already did in similar cases, but the sentence should clearly state the limits of good and fair use of the users' freedom. When someone hacks its own console, it's within his rights, but it's as much obvious that Sony has every right to ban modded consoles from its network and to take harsher measures, up to sueing them, towards users that not only break just the terms of use, but commit worse abuses damaging either Sony or other users. But this is a thing that GeoHot too agrees about, and BTW it's already granted by the current laws. But as others wrote, Sony should switch to totally server centered security, as it's a well known rule that a remote client should never be considered safe by default. What Sony did, allow a client key to easily hack servers, could have been easily considered guilty negligence if it affected a network more critical than just a gaming one.

    Also there are far more effective ways to secure a network than limiting the buyers' rights on the HW they purchase, a measure that wouldn't stop either malicious exploiters or pirates anyway, as they already act outside of the law, and wouldn't ensure an even vaguely level of security, so it's not a good thing that such a lame but dangerous attack on users' rigts is attempted, if allowed, it would only be granted to damage people without giving the boasted benefits.

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