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superchunk said:

While I get irritated at what his hacking has allowed on the PS3 and overall Pirating in general, I am 100% behind him in this battle.

When you purchase any product, that product is yours. If you choose to set it on fire you can. If you choose to paint it pink with yellow dots, you can. If you choose to completely re-purpose the product via its software, you fucking can. Its yours.

Its the same argument I have against the smart phone industry. I shouldn't have to break my warranty by rooting my Android phone just to remove all the horrible bloat ware Verizon pushes on the device. The company has a right to preinstall whatever the fuck they want, but I should not be forced to use it and have every right to remove it so I can have the device operate the way I want it to. If I go buy a Dell PC and take it home, I can relatively easily remove any preinstalled software. However, I can't on my phone?

For some reason companies have moved into a setup where they think they have the legal right to force their consumers to use a device only the way they decide. That's BS and that's why I support Geohot is this court case.

I want this precedent set so we the consumer will actually own our products again.

I can't be assed to read the entire thread, so I'm glad this post was on the first page.  I absolutely and unequivocally agree with every single point made.  Well done sir...