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buglebum said:

even if he wins he won't be able to use PSN and for all his efforts Sony will continue to find ways around them, him, and whoever else tries to hack PS3 systems.

Talk about missing the point entirely.


Along with nearly everyone else in this thread.


Mr Jackson, could you change the way you spell "sales" from the way you currently spell it as "sells".


"Sells" isn't a real word in the context you use it all the time in. You or I can "sell" something, The collective term is "sales", no matter how often you deliberately mis-spell it.


its the way its been said on VGC since i got here. i've already been asked to change it from sales theres no going back now.

 as for the rest of your post blah blah blah i missed no point i made my own statement ask a question and got no answer, and now i don't need one.

 i don't need and definition for any words thanks but no tanks.