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I wonder if you guys would feel the same if the dude had posted a way to hack visa card transactions...

You're missing the point, since all hardware that makes those transactions IS owned by Visa, whereas a sold PS3 does not belong to Sony. It belongs to the consumer.

Visa owns my credit card ?

That's new to me... They may own the devices that read those cards but in most civilized countries ( except the US that are very backwards in that area) credit cards actually have chips and software on them...

These is what I am talking about :

Yes. Read the terms and conditions when applying. All credit cards remain the property of the credit card company.

Sony have their own TnC's about the PS3 and its security...

Sony have an EULA. The difference there is that a ToC requires a signature, and can be held up in court, whereas an EULA has little to no chance.

Sony are nailed to a wall here. Credit cards are cheap plastic. The PS3 is expensive electronics. If Sony gave the PS3 away for free, I wouldn't complain at all about whether they own it or not. However, to say that you pay upwards of $599 and NOT own your console is absurd.

I paid over 300k for my house and I can't paint it the color I want and I won't sue anyone over this.....

Really? I would be pissed. Did you buy  a house as part of a housing gated community that had pre set rules or something.


there is a HoA but it's not a gated community, just a standard suburb and I understand the rules. if everyone does what they feel like, it's anarchy, which is exactly what happens in online games with cheaters...


You guys need to grow up and live in the real world.

Your are free to do whatever you want as long as it doesn't affect others.

Turns our it might be your liberty, but Geo Hotz is affecting mine too.......


And if you don't like the way Sony is handling the PS3. Here's a hint. it's not a necessity item, you can perfectly live without owning one, so I suggest you purchase a console with rules more to your liking...

I didn't realise that painting your house would affect others so much.

If i buy somthing I have every right to do with it what I want.

Gehot did not attack the psn, nor hack to cheat in games or pirate. So how did he affect you again?

I don't own one, I still hope too but ot enough gamin time to justify owning one yet. But this court case goes beyond that. I dopnt need it setting precedents for other companies to do the same.

Perhaps sony should go after the pirates and the people cheating instead of the guy who isn't doing those things.

You have to realize that for houses the view is something that has a monetary value, so anything that you can do that can affect the view people have from their houses is frowned upon and regulated by Home owners associations...

Same way that if you don't mow your lawn for a while or let it die you will be fined...

Some suburbs have rules against having prominent satelite dishes on houses...

Heck do you realize that to make any significant modification to your house you need  a permit, even if it's something that is not visible from the street side...

Try to buy a car and remove the safety belts and see how it goes. It's your car and you can do whatever you want with it right ? Wrong...And removing those belts will not endanger anyone else except you...

It's illegal in Europe to put heating gazoline into diesel car. And it's not because it doesn't work as well, They are the same, heating gaz has just a colorant to make it look different. The reason ? Because one is less taxed than the others so the government doesn't want to loose taxes....

It's not so different with Sony, they don't want you to run apps not coming from them because they don't perceive taxes on those. Seeing how they sold most of their PS3 at a loss, I can understand why.

So a government can do it but not a corporation ?

 sony doesn't want to give us extra freedoms because of money. sort of what you said, but in one word.

and the government can do "it" (to cars anyway) because they own the roads you drive on.

houses i won't pretend to know much about, but if you do get in trouble from painting your own house it's either because you painted the word "satan" on your garage door, or because you have pissy neighbors. or both.