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Rpruett said:

If the ultimate implications were for piracy,  then there is a much larger crime at stake here.  Again, just because Osama Bin Laden didn't hijack an airplane and crash it into a building doesn't make him any less guilty.  

I'm not clutching at any straws.  You're the one responding to literally every poster who questions your stance, if there is anyone clutching at straws trying to deny anything it's you.    If Geohot had any knowledge or pre-existing knowledge on the consequences of his actions  (And there is any tangible form of proof of this)  he will be in trouble. 

If a friend of mine wanted to punch up another guy and asked you for his address,  and I gave it to him,  yes I could be called an accomplice.

Once again piracy is a corporate interest. Terrorism/murder is public concern. There are different measures in these cases. Measures as drastic for things such as terrorism/murder do not apply to corporate interests.

Geohot did everything legal. He hacked his own machine, that he purchased, and he posted a number. I'll repeat this again and again a DIGITAL INTEGER. He didn't post anytihng saying "Now, this is how you pirate games", or "this is hw you cheat"

If you honestly think you can be an accomplice for citing an address, your stance is flawed, and I honestly do not wish to argue with such ridiculous, vague assumptions anymore.