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Spankey said:
fordy said:
Spankey said:
fordy said:
KylieDog said:

What he has done is the same as if he bought a movie on DVD.  That DVD is his to do what he wants with it but the film on the DVD does not belong to him is belongs to the makers, so when he starts posting the film for everyone to see he screwed up.  This is no different.

I wish people could get their facts straight.

A movie is an artwork. Artwork can be copyrighted.

A master key is a binary INTEGER. Integers cannot be copyrighted.

Oddly, product identification codes such as ISBN numbers and UPC barcode numbers can be protected, at least in the US

you are not allowed to generate your own and claim it's UPC's or ISBN's. that could be fraud depending on xyz. might apply to GeoHot here provided Sony can successfully claim that only they have the right to generate and distribute their security keys for their products and services.

UPCs and ISBNs are different. They need an independent governing body in order to prevent doubling up of codes. Nothing worse than the commercial sector being in disorder.

In the case of security keys, there is no governance thre. It's up to the key user to ensure the safety of their key.

UPCs and ISBNs are examples of numbers (or integers) which have been generated, distributed, and are protected, are they not? you claimed that no number could be afforded protection, obviously you were mistaken.

any one can still use that string of numbers for anything they want. they are not copyrighted. But the controlling body of UPC and ISBN would not recognize them if they do not want to. Nothing to do with copyright.


this article talks about trying to copyright a number, and also of another similar case involving hd dvd.

"Update: Lots of good coverage out there. Only one link to me, but them's the wages of sin. Or in this case the wages of toiling in obscurity. In any event, I found particularly heartening the coverage at EFF Deep Links, that makes clear that it is, in fact, an anti-circumvention claim, and not a copyright one."

I suggest people read it as it is somewhat similar to this case at hand, and sony isn't on the bad end of this one hd dvd was.