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naruball said:
Khuutra said:
geddesmond2 said:

Yeah I noticed a few of the pro Xbox crowd SAID they donated some money(personally I think most of them are full of shit) but I just wonder if there beloved 360 or Wii's security was compromised like the PS3s would they be so supportive.

Personally I don't care what hackers do with the PS3 just as long as my legitimate experiance isn't ruined but thats not been the case and recent reports of how hackers can steal your information or ban anyone they like backs up the problems I'm having with this whole debate right now.

You have no idea how popular the Wii homebrew scene is, do you

Even when it has nothing to do with piracy

Correct me if I'm wrong (cuz I really don't know for sure), but do Wii hackers affect other people's online experince? Can they delete your saves or mess with you when you play online? I have a wii but I only play games offline. Also many  Wii games sell really well despite piracy since many (not most) Wii owner are quite young and do not know how to hack their consoles. I've seen a lot of shovelware or mediocre games sell a lot on wii (not as much as the good wii games), but not on 360. For example Dante's inferno, a mediocre game according to most reviewers, did not sell well at all but was the most pirated 360 game in 2010. So I guess the Wii homebrew does not affect gamers/developers the same way the 360/ps3 does.

Something like 3-4 million people have the "homebrew channel" on their wii according to the developers. Who I might add are extremly upstanding completely against piracy people.


I own a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii...I'm completely pro Xbox 360, I can't stand my PS3 hardly gets used other than for the amazing exclusives that are Uncharted 2 and MGS4. Other than that it's a paper weight, I fully support modding of all hardware including consoles if at all possible.


The benefit of being able to play all my games off the hard drive is a great idea to me.


It's a shame that dick heads were cheating on PSN, but I believe that has been fixed, or will be fixed very soon so really don't see the problem. Even if it couldn't be fixed, civil rights come first over any corporate bullshit in my eyes, no matter the cost and implications.

Tough luck, would say exactly the same about Xbox 360. The difference with that is that to modifiy an Xbox 360 so it can run unsigned code is only possible on consoles around 2 years old and that haven't been updated to a dash since that time.

The hack that just allows pirate games to run can be done on ANY Xbox 360, I don't have a problem with that either.

Also, I don't remember seeing a tirade of angry little boys moaning when the first Xbox 360 DVD-ROM hack came out, or when the full jtag hack (that allowed cheating online) came out...

It's just another reason why I really dislike the PS3 in general, the whole userbase seems incredibly uninformed and brainwashed by the Sony suits. Just don't like narrow minded people like that. Yep, it's a bit sad that people influence my liking if a console in that way but the blind fanboyism on the PS3 is so bad it's very hard to not be totally turned off by it if you value forward thinking and individualism.