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KylieDog said:
fordy said:
Ail said:
fordy said:
Ail said:

I wonder if you guys would feel the same if the dude had posted a way to hack visa card transactions...

You're missing the point, since all hardware that makes those transactions IS owned by Visa, whereas a sold PS3 does not belong to Sony. It belongs to the consumer.

Visa owns my credit card ?

That's new to me... They may own the devices that read those cards but in most civilized countries ( except the US that are very backwards in that area) credit cards actually have chips and software on them...

These is what I am talking about :

Yes. Read the terms and conditions when applying. All credit cards remain the property of the credit card company.

Sony have their own TnC's about the PS3 and its security...

Sony have an EULA. The difference there is that a ToC requires a signature, and can be held up in court, whereas an EULA has little to no chance.

Sony are nailed to a wall here. Credit cards are cheap plastic. The PS3 is expensive electronics. If Sony gave the PS3 away for free, I wouldn't complain at all about whether they own it or not. However, to say that you pay upwards of $599 and NOT own your console is absurd.