Impossible to know. I don't think there will be a "next-generation" as such - Sony may decide to release a cut-down PS3 in a couple of years to compete better. Depending how the Wii goes, Nintendo may hold off as long as possible - or they may "kill" the system prematurely, to secure their future (around 2010). If anything, I think that MS may launch another machine first - simply to put even more pressure on Sony. But this time they won't kill the 360 off. Or maybe it will be a couple more skews of the 360, with the same core power - its pretty powerful as it is. It won't be long before consoles are like PCs - a game you buy for "this" generation will natively work on a future generation - it will just have more resources to play with. Looks like the PS3 is heading in this direction anyway. ... Or.. maybe it will be the DS II - with a TV out. Will that count as a "console" then?

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