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NotStan said:
pitzy272 said:
NotStan said:

I've never played Uncharted series and my friend refused to buy it, so I didn't get to experience it yet, so can't really comment. Besides neither of the games are out for a good solid 6 plus months period, so the comparison, at the present is void. The question should have been "Which one do you think will be better?" or perform better sales wise etc. Imo.

curious...why did ur friend refuse to buy it? specific reason?

No idea, I asked him if he wanted to buy it but apparently he did not like it when he played it at his uncles house that he had to look after, he did however very much enjoy Heavy Rain lol! But since he got his 360, all he does play is COD with us and odd Halo Wars etc. I'll probably wind up buying Uncharted 2 for like £10 and playing it at his house before he does lol, and I am tempted, although I don't know what I'd do with it afterwards.

Get a ps3, that will fix that problem! haha.

Well, I mean it's possible for him to truly just not like the game, but he would be in the great minority with that opinion. The story, cutscenes, character development, action, oh and not to mention the ridiculous, insane graphics - all aspects are just so epic. Closest thing to a Hollywood movie I have ever seen in a game, by a long shot (MGS4 is the only game that ranks close). My guess is that he only played a little bit of it, and formed an opinion from that. You should try renting it and taking it over to his house and playing it with him (the single player is one of those few that is actually fun to WATCH as well as play). Play together for a good while, then maybe that'll convince him to go out and  buy it, while also saving you some money. Oh, and read my post above about the multiplayer. If he likes multi, it's worth him trying out U2's multiplayer. I absolutely love it.