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welshbloke said:
I voted Uncharted as it seemed pointless voting for an Xbox v a PS3 game regardless of its heritage with members skewed in favour of PS3. Having now said that I am suprised the poll was as close as it was. I think an option to not vote but see the results would of been a good idea but then hindsight is a wonderful thing. lastly I also have no idea how good either game will be but I do know GOW 1 and 2 were damn fine games, never played any Uncharted Game or even seen anyway play it for any length of time to form an opinion.

You're missin out. From Uncharted 2 at least (U1 was good, but barely even in the same league as U2). But then again, I feel like I'm probably missing out having not played (or even seen!) Gears. I personally don't like the great majority of the exclusives 360 offers (Halo, Fable, Splinter Cell, Forza, etc.), but Gears is one game/series I've always wanted to try out. Ironically, I was finally gonna get to see Gears 2 played by my friend's younger brother. Just as the level loaded his 360 RRoD'd. I was so mad lol.

OT: I voted U3, but felt bad doing so bc it's not totally fair due to me having never played a Gears game. I ended up voting bc I wanted to see the results:/ But, that being said, I am a gamer who enjoys, above all else, the story in a game. I love a game that tells a story so good and has acting so well done that I'm pulled in and made to care about the characters and what happens to them. Although, fun gameplay is extremely important as well (which U2 has also). I obviously can't say for sure, but from what I've heard about Gears, I think I would enjoy the heck out of the gameplay, and probably even enjoy the story; but, overall I have a feeling my vote wouldn't change even after playing Gears 1&2.

Oh, and as for multiplayer? I am so stoked about U3's multiplayer. U2's multi was the FIRST time I have EVER enjoyed playing online multiplayer! I've tried MW, MW2, Killzone 2, Battlefield: BC2, Resistance 1&2 (although Resistance 2's online CO-OP was fantastic!), Halo, etc., and the result has always been the same: I'm bored by it. I know, I know, I'm the minority here; but the fact still stands. Well, I had an absolute blast with U2's multi. You're not just staring down the barrel of a gun with only the ability to jog, run, and shoot (i know that's a generality) - in U2, you can scale walls, buildings, etc. (and still shoot while doing so); you can duck into cover; roll; can hang from a ledge and pull someone off for a kill, or can kick someone in the face who's hanging from a ledge; can throw a propane tank and shoot it in front of someone for a kill; etc. I'm not bashing other games' multiplayer, but for me the varied gameplay in U2's online multi beats all others I've played before (although U2's multi isn't 100% perfect, and def has room for improvement).

So, in other words, I absolutely cannot wait for Uncharted 3's multiplayer. U2 multi was a last minute decision, yet they still ended up creating that amazing experience (not to mention the fact that it was Naughty Dog's first ever attempt at multiplayer). So I can't imagine what 2 full years and multiplayer experience under their belt will do for U3's multi. First time I'll ever be anticipating a game's campaign AND multiplayer.