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I voted Uncharted as it seemed pointless voting for an Xbox v a PS3 game regardless of its heritage with members skewed in favour of PS3. Having now said that I am suprised the poll was as close as it was. I think an option to not vote but see the results would of been a good idea but then hindsight is a wonderful thing. lastly I also have no idea how good either game will be but I do know GOW 1 and 2 were damn fine games, never played any Uncharted Game or even seen anyway play it for any length of time to form an opinion.

W.L.B.B. Member, Portsmouth Branch.

(Welsh(Folk) Living Beyond Borders)

Winner of the 2010 VGC Holiday sales prediction thread with an Average 1.6% accuracy rating. I am indeed awesome.

Kinect as seen by PS3 owners ...if you can pick at it it ... Did I mention the 360 was black and Shinny? Keeping Sigs obscure since 2007, Passed by the Sig police 5July10.