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kber81 said:
your mother said:

If you read my post (just a bit higher from yours) this isn't the first time a console was launched that broke the "magical" 400$ barrier - and I don't think it will be the last time, either.

History has a terrible habit of repeating itself. It may not be Sony, but you can bet your bottom dollar that someday, sometime, some company will.

If next next-gen will be at $500 price tag it's still nice. Only the strongest competitor can risk as Sony does right now. This "war" will not give us such dominant player.

Sony is no longer the dominant player. They arent out of this war but certainly history is against them, they would have to make a VERY impressive comeback to get there. Just because a company was the dominant player last generation doesnt mean they are this one. Look at how PS1 destroyed N64.

Also Im not sure about this war not giving a dominant player, in general for some reason console wars seem too.


Edit: Also OUCH for sony, 82k is to be honest pathetic.