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Aldro said:
chris.m95 said:

How can anyone like uncharted i hate it!

Check out metacritic. 105 reviews, only one below 89. Thats how many how love it. Or just google GOTY awards 2009 to see who won most of those ^_^.


Now who can like Gears, I hate it! (Personally preference but its true..) had Gears 2 and I despised its online play.. oh god the horrors. Horde was fun though, didn't fancy the macho campaign with its story, seriously locusts?

so what if its won loads of rewards and metacritic like it. I DONT! and this is my opinion which i am standing by. im not going to let a fanboy sway my perfectly understandable opinion that Uncharted is rubbish.

Wait... does this mean im not human?

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