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Edgeoflife said:
Munkeh111 said:

Uncharted 3, the only other one with any potential is Versus XIII if that come out this year, which is rather unlikely

A spin off thats following 2 bad games in the main series, I doubt it and it's probably not even going to be out in japan this year, personally I think LBP2 has a chance of outselling it LT since I can see LBP2 having better legs 

i'm not starting a flame war here, but i think we are actully looking at 3 'poorly recieved to mixed receptions' of the main series. FF12, 13, & 14. thus i also doubt it will sell very well at all.

imo, i think we'll have some nice suprises in terms of inFamous 2 and The Last Guardian this year, and possibly outsell UC2, but maybe not UC3.

I do agree with you but I'm not comfortable calling FF12 as bad as 13 & 14