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Also i want to include FF 8, really a great opening

also my favorite begining games, were also my favorite last games, KH 2, FF 10, and FF 8 are some of the only games i really felt emotional about, truley remarkable games, all from Square....

                 With regard to Call of Duty 4 having an ultra short single player campaign, I guess it may well have been due to the size limitations of DVD on the XBox 360, one of various limitations multi-platform game designers will have to take into consideration-Mike B   

Proud supporter of all 3 console companys

Proud owner of 360wii and DS/psp              

Game trailers-Halo 3 only dissapointed the people who wanted to be dissapointed.

Bet with Harvey Birdman that Lost Odyssey will sell more then Blue dragon did.