i'll bet u lifetime ban that 2-year sales of ALL of the following will beat 2-year sales of GTAIV on 360+ps3 combined:

wii play
wii fit
smash bros
mario kart


if ANY of those don't beat gtaIV 2 consoles combined, then I lose...

 also, it's 2 years from start of each region, so 2 years from launch in japan + 2 years from launch in others + 2 years from launch in Americas

Bets:Missed by 420k I bet leo-j vg$500 that wii will sell 31 million by 7/31/08.  Sorry, I don't think he has enough vg$ to make it with all of u that wish you could. Hit, with room to spare I bet kingofwale a 1-week ban that wii Americas ltd sales>360 Americas ltd sales as of the numbers for week ending 7/05/08 (using vgchartz homepage #s)


Wii will sell 18-20mil by 12/31/07  CHECKWii will sell 45mil+ WW by 12/31/08Wii will surpass PS2 sales WW by 11/17/11 (5yr anniversary)Wii Fit will hit 12mil sales in 2009MKWii+SSBB+Wii Fit+SMG > 50 mil sales by 2010 > gta4+mgs+gt5+ff13+haze+lbp