Legend11 said:

How much competition did Halo 3 have? First person shooters like Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, The Orange Box, etc... What did Galaxy have for competition on the Wii? Umm....... I'm drawing the blank... The competition is very fierce on the 360 for hardcore games. On the Wii there're like one or two big hardcore games released every 6 months if that. And it's the same for SSBB, basically there will only be a few games to even compete with it (SMK comes to mind) while on the 360 and PS3 GTAIV is going to have to face many expensive high quality first, second, and third party titles.

Betting on lifetime sales is ridiculous because we won't find out the outcome for years. So I tell you what, lets make a real man's bet... 6 or 8 month sales.. You decide.. And of course we have to up the stakes for real men.. LIFETIME ban for the loser. It doesn't matter if the loser makes up a new account because there will still be the satisfaction of knowing that they were owned out of their previous one. So what do you say? 6 months? 8?

And no worries if you don't want to take the bet, sometimes people talk the talk but don't want to walk the walk. I have no doubts that GTAIV will outsell SSBB, none.

6 or 8 months is nothing next to lifetime sales for a game which has good legs. By using a timeframe like that, you're obviously skewing the bet to your own advantage (even if you have a good reason for not using lifetime sales, which you do).


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